multiply sclerosed

{May 14, 2012}   Well here I go……

It seems to me that blogging about my multiple sclerosis might actually help me get my brain straight. We shall see. Today I sent a long depressing babble-a-thon of a text to my bestie, my sista from anotha mista Dania, who in turn shared my pathetic ramblings with my balls out babe a friend Michele. So within what seemed like nanosecs my phone was blownt up with love and advice from 2 peeps that I love like family. After talking it out I realized that all I really wanted to do was put what was in my head, and making it all wonky, out there. So it wasnt burdening my brain any longer. Later on I will post what was on those texts. I think that it is important. My goal here is not to change the world, no noble quest of any sort. Just some mad ramblings of a newly diagnosed MS patient. I do hope to amuse somebody along the way, and if I can help one person with something, anything, then BONUS. Double bonus points if I manage to help myself.


babsy721 says:

am i on Heather. I am so special sometimes

Barbie!! Yes u made!

Jerry says:

Sometimes that is what it takes to get things worked our in our minds.

Kim says:

Looking forward to finally seeing what is in your head and how it all gets put together like it does! Love you girl!

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