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{May 17, 2012}   Not too sure

Ok Day three back at the grind. Kids, I do not know if I am going to make it. I can feel already I am not going to have a good day. My arm is weak and am so tired. My body shooting off electric current like crazy. It like a little imp is following me around and zapping with a taser cranked to 11. I do not know how I am going to stay on my feet.

But my first day back was rough but fulfilling. I took care of a lady who I have taken care of for years, she fell, she broke her hip. She was so happy to see me and I her. We talked about how she got in her position and I told her about my MS. She said to me that I always make feel better, that I have a kind heart and gleam in my eye. She said she loves me. That was the best reason for me to be back at work, affirmation that maybe I do make a difference. I had to examine how I feel about my disease. Am I worse off or better off than that sweet lady? Can you compare it? I don’t know yet. I do know that any day I am above ground and bitching (an old quote from a great security guard) is a good day. But on some days I would prefer being underground and pleasantly silent.  I am still working it out.

Lunch time then shower and off to work again! By the way GRATS!!! to my 6yr old on her perfect attendance. She is a warrior 🙂


dania chatila says:

first congrats to page. hang in their you are doing great it will get better. i agree with that saying lol i know which security guard u are talking about. it is great when pts remember u and give complement it makes your bad day great and shows u how much u like your job. i am here for u if you need anything.

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