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{May 20, 2012}   Supernatural, Hawaii 5-0 and Guys with Bows and Arrows

 Today, fair readers, we are deviating from my usual rants and insights of my life with Multiple Sclerosis and exploring the boys of movies and television that make me smile. I would like to state for the record that this particular entry was my husband’s idea. You see, I have been on a Supernatural kick, and those who know me know how much I love Hawaii 5-0. Then  the whole archer thing….we will analyze that as well. So hubby says to me “you should write about boys, it would make you happy” He is so right!

So lets start with Supernatural. This is such a fun and well written show. Hubby and I missed the boat on it when it first came out, but thanks to the advent of netflix we are just a season and a half from caught up. The characters Sam (Jared Padalecki) really hot….. and Dean (Jensen Ackles) hot too…. are the  demon hunting Winchester brothers, hijinks, as you may guess, ensue. Heres the thing both characters are so fantastic, Sam, strong silent type, with crazy pecs and awesome hair a brooding and logical demeanor yet has  a dry and sometime scathing sense of humor, Dean is smart ass funny and tirelessly devoted to his brother, has a smirky smile and mischievous gleam in his eyes. Every episode  I am all I love Sam (I think he is my fave) then not too long after that I change and love Dean. The truth is I would like to be the middle of a Winchester Sandwich!

The sole reason I started watching Hawaii 5-0 was due to the casting of Scott Caan. Or as he better known in my family as “SCOTTTY CAAAN” . To me the show is pure candy.Gladly the show took off, has done well and has a great supporting cast , predictable plots, but hell you can’t have everything. These factors have ensured I get a weekly Scott Caan fix. I used to have to go to movies like Boiler Room, Ocean’s  Eleven ( yes there are way worse things), or American Outlaws ( Colin Farell is in that one, so not really a burden).  Why does Scott Caan make me so happy? Not sure….actaully I am sure. Swagger, muscle,humor, tends to wear shirts that are a hair too tight. Seriously watch any episode..Danno’s buttons are hanging by a thread. I like his squinty eyed smile. I am always amused by the parts that he plays. But even more than that, it’s sort of the inside thing that I share with my sister, every time we yell randomly “SCOTTTY CAAAN” I get a rush of happiness and connectivity that is priceless to me.

Legolas, Green Arrow, Robin Hood, Hawkeye…. what is it about a guy with a bow and arrow? Is it the cool confidence of fighting from a far, the sort of ” haha you are dead and I barely mussed my hair’? perhaps it is something more primal, something about the skill of the weapon, the precise aim needed, the lack of the “BOOM” that typically follows the blast from a gun. Anyway you cut it I am a sucker for an archer, hell one of my favorite cards to pay in Magic the Gathering (if you didn’t know what I nerd I am…I am a big one) is “Elvish Archers” .It just so happens that the guys with the arrows are typically hot.  It’s just one of my things. 

List of random yumminess, in no particular order. Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, the guy who played Desmond on Lost. The truth is this list can go on and on. So lets keep it going respond with your favorites and I can make it a sticky link…lets have fun with it. BTW I don’t care, boys girls wildlife…if it makes you happy I am tickled pink!!


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