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{June 23, 2012}   A really good day

Yesterday I had a really good day. It was a top drawer of my “new normal”. I felt great. I had very limited pain, aside from a twisted ankle, my right hand as back as close to completely as I could have ever hoped for. Zaps, none. My left arm and hand were, just ok, but I expect that. I wasnt tired, I wasnt grumpy, I was on my game. I had fun  shopping with my family, I was able to keep up and somewhat ahead at work. My mind and mouth were operating on the same plane for a change. I was back, and so happy for it. The only set back was an unfortunate encounter with butterfinger bits in my graham cracker crumbs which completely destroyed my fro-yo. Stupid peanut allergy. But with a quick thinking by  Michele-y and a quicker  trip up to the pharmacy, disaster was averted. So Golden Spoon is on my shit list right now.

So far today I feel good too. I hope this a long string a good days. I know I am not going to push my luck though.  Proper sleep, no medication slacking, eat well, lots of fluids. Lets see how it goes! I am hopeful, yet cautiously so. I know that I can get knocked on my patoot with no warning, but I can’t let that stop me. I can’t live in fear of what might happen. I have to Carpe Diem and run with the good. Because, you know, it is good, it’s all good.

Oh yes, I would be a bad MS advocate if I didn’t do this….

A big shout out to Jack Osbourne, keep strong, listen to your doctors, take care of your body! We can live with this, have full and pretty normal lives. Just don’t quit, don’t stop doing what you love to do, keep moving excercise your body and your brain. Don’t let in turn to oatmeal, because it will. Feel your feelings. Accept that this disease sucks, we can’t cure it, but damn it we can stall it, we can put it in its place. But accepting that now it has a place in our worlds is crucial. Let people help you but not coddle you. You can do this. We all can.


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