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{July 19, 2012}   Sitting in my doc’s office

Day 2 headache-a-palooza. And trust me I have tried everything. Stretches and ice packs and medication. Can’t break it up for more than an hour at most. I have ringing in my ears that is deafening and have had loud swooshes and bangs as well. This is something that is breaking my spirit
So here I sit, waiting to be worked in.  The office is too warm and the tv is too loud.  I wish I could lie down. And patients. Sitting in close proximity and yet not togther. Every person here for one malady or another.  All comrades in illness and yet not an eye shall be met. Not a kind word exchanged. Could we benefit from a random chat with a stranger? I think we could but society dictates “get in your chair and don’t make eye contact” I am not ashamed that I am hurting nor should any person here.

But quietly we sit head in our books, eyes on our phones. A touch a word a glance to ease the mental suffering we face.  Can we not spare a spec of humanity? Not today it seems. Perhaps tomorrow


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