multiply sclerosed

{July 21, 2012}   My Husband

Seriously, and I know most wives are of this opinion, but my hubby is the best. He takes such good care of me. He stays on top of my medications for me, makes my doc appointments if I need him to, makes sure I stay cool and hydrated, go to sleep at a decent time and wakes me if I am having a nightmare.

But its more than that. That’s just support of my physical well being. Its the support of my mental well being where he really tips the scales. More than anything, I really, really like him. Ofcourse I
love him that’s not what I am saying. I have said this many times to many people, when all the lovey dovey crap is over you need to be with someone you can talk to. Someone you have fun with, someone you can laugh with. We have a blast together! We geek out together, embracing our nerddom. He indulges me and my latest crushes (ahem, Jared Padalecki) while I indulge him and his latest ps3 (call of duty…) obsession. I pretend to be bored with the latest b-movie he wants me to see while he pretends to be completely disinterested in my costume dramas. All the while we are each enjoying the others choices. Come football season we operate on the same plane…there is nothing more important. And if by some odd scheduling mishap our teams play eachother… the gloves come off, smack talk begins and we throw one hell of a party!

Don’t get me wrong its not all fun and games. When it hits the fan he can shift into hero without skipping a beat. He’s my sounding board, knowing when to zip it and let me bitch, let me cry, let me ramble. He also is pretty good at telling me to suck it up. If he didn’t, well, I would be a big heap of useless. But I need that motivation. Even if I am just pissed at him for being such a pain in my ass. The truth is I am thankful he pushes me. I need it 

He is the biggest sucker for our baby girls. Not to mention our pup…but I digress. They don’t know it (or do they) but those two play him like a fiddle and as hard as his resolve might be, he cracks nearly every time. But I know, to my hubby there is nothing more important than those little girls.   

I love him so much, I like him a whole hell of a lot too. I count myself lucky to have him. I know that a chronic illness and the unpredicabilty as well as the debilitating nature of Multiple Sclerosis can wreak havoc on a marriage. Some would not be able to withstand it. That is not a worry I have ever had. My hubby has not only accepted my disease but has embraced it. He was the one who encouraged me to start bloggging. He is the Ucrew team captain for the MS walks, he designed and ordered the t-shirts for the team. He gives me my injections when I need help, all the while making crude jokes. That’s what he is best at. Lightening up a crappy situation making the best of the cards we have been dealt.

And that, bloggy buddies, is what it is all about.


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