multiply sclerosed

{August 8, 2012}   A full busy day, a really great day

We sent our lovely daughters off to school on Monday, 1st and 3rd graders. Both of the girls are so smart and eager little learners and they make me proud everyday. I won’t fool anyone into thinking they are angels, far from it, but they are kids and mighty good at it. So, as per usual dressed in new outfits, had their picture taken by the tree, hopped in the family truckster and headed off. It is always chaos the first day, people both tall and small bustling about trying to find classrooms and line up spots. Since I managed to get over myself we were able to park in a decent place, so I did not have far to walk. (Ok I am glad I got my placard. Its not a sign of defeat, it an aid to success!)  We found the girls’ classes and line up spots were right next to each other, how fortuitous. So hubby saw one to her room and I the other. We listen to the teacher welcome in a new school year, and then get the heck out of dodge.

Ofcourse the first day without kids we had doctors appointments, x-rays and grocery shopping. But we had so much fun. Hubby and I just hanging out without any sense of rush or stress.  While we were geeking out in the magazine aisle of the grocery store it occured to me that we have not had this type of bonding time in ages. This is what our relationship was built on, common geekiness and the joy of sharing it together. I know it may sound weird but that’s it. Its what we are about. Comic-con updates and fantasy football. Doesn’t get better than that in our world.

After the errands were finished we had some time before the kids needed to be picked up. Sweet mother of awesome…an empty house. This gave us some much needed alone time, time for just the two of us. We were connecting again. Connecting not as parents, not as a married couple or even as lovers, but as two people who truely are eachothers’ other half. I felt a sense of relief and calm. Like we have synched up again. Not that we were so terrribly out of step, just a little behind eachothers’ beat.

A week ago I was so down and so miserable, and just that quick, a corner is turned and outlooks change. I still feel weak and my body is slow, my mind still gets jumbled when I have it try to think too fast and yet its all going to be okay Things seems not so bleak and so much more promising. I, for the forseeable future, am not worried about a thing. We are strong for eachother in this crazy adjustment time. Six months I have had Multiple Sclerosis and its been a roller coaster for us all. I feel as though we are pulling up to the straight away and are coasting for bit. That is such great feeling.

So we picked up the girls and as per usual we went to dinner, Jonny Rockets burgers fries and milkshakes a total blast!

I will say in all honesty this was the best day we have had in many years. Such simplicity but I am sure you will agree,fair readers, simple pleasures are the best.


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