multiply sclerosed

{August 16, 2012}   Of Egg Salad and Everclear

While making egg salad and listening to Everclear,  I was attacked by the blogging muse and have found my inspiration. I have been seriously uninspired lately, to the point I was thinking of pulling the plug on Multiply Sclerosed.  It seemed I had run out of things to say, well thanks to some old songs and therapeutic chopping of eggs, I found I am not done, not even close. I am not bound by the confines of my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and life with them. This is my blog, I can talk about anything.  All my thoughts and experiences, likes, loves and loathes are Multiply Sclerosed simply because they are mine. So with that in mind expect some changes, bloggy buddies. For starters… I know who is reading, so its time you start speaking up. We will be having required audience participation for certain blog posts. We will be doing ” who would win this battle” I will give two opponents, stats and facts, open the field to discussion and then choose the winner.  I have some new thoughts in my head for some posts that need writing. I am not the only person my disease affects, I am going to start trying to think about other perspectives. Parents, friends. children and spouses, they all need a voice.  It’s nearly football season, as a native Clevelander and die-hard Browns fan, you can expect sports talk.  You can expect great things from this Multiply Sclerosed girl.

So, thank you, egg salad and Everclear, thank you for flipping on the light.  With that I am going to eat my lunch and charge the iPod, so I can get on with blogging.


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